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Mobike Repairs

Bike Repair │ Our missions hope to get more people safe on bikes. Includes keeping bikes maintained and tuned so they spend more time on roads and trails and less time in the garage or at the shop.

Mobile Service │ Shedule appointments online to get your bikes serviced and tuned. It doesn’t matter if you are at home, work, or anywhere in between, our certified mobile bike repair mechanics will bring our tools to you.

Schedule online or phonecall.

At home or work, we come to you.

Expert mechanical service your bike.

Mechanics work on all types of bikes. We offer a full complement of parts and accessories, and even new bikes.

Bike repairment

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Features & Benefits

Free Shipping

Free price for consumption over 5,000 TWD around Taipei!
Accumulated 30,000 TWD buying you will have airport transfer once.


We can ship 8 bikes.

We Install 8 THULE roof racks of Swedish. Top-grade equipment, safe and secure during delivery while shipping.


Quick Checking

Whenever you are, whatever your bikes, our bike shop offers free consultations and estimates even pricing is very competitive.

Free add oil and pumping.

After every repair and maintenance, oiling and pumping is a must, and a free air station is also provided in front of the store. Welcome to visit on opening.


We Can Help!

Maintenance records of more than 3,000 clients, according to customers need, put forward suggestions, customized projects, help customers predict the way to save money, provide economical and most cost-effective maintenance methods!

Bike repairment

Bike Repairs

Bike repair provide a wide range of services to help get your sweet ride again. Our goal is to please customers and offer a unique service that will keep people that loves to ride ready to go.

Bike repairment

Bike Trip to Cycle Around TW

If you want to ride your own bicycle around Taiwan, effective evaluation is definitely very important! With our bike rental experience, we provide many suggestions, includes routes around the island, and rental of bicycle equipment.

Bike repairment

Mobile Repair

Bicycle repairs for those who have damaged and are inconvenient to take them to the repair shop, we will help you to collect your bikes and return to my shop for repairs. If you spend more than 5,000 TWD and will have enjoyed a free shipping discount.


Donation with Love

There are bicycles in your home that are idle and used. We encourage you to help the disadvantaged groups, integrate sources and needs, and send loving bicycles to the homes of people in need (cities are not limited)!

Bike tour

VIP Discount

If you have ever spent repairing or maintenance over 10,000 TWD, you will have a special discount on the purchase of VIP maintenance! 👫

Bike repairment

Bike Assembly

Worried about buying a bicycle on the Internet, is it safe to use?
Let MathewBike assist in assembly and comprehensive safety inspection! We provide assembly, calibration, and buying advice, call us immediately!
bike maintenance

Wheel Building

The wheel building needs to be strong & durable, which needs regular maintenance, also the core of bicycle maintenance! Using ParkTool tools, you can achieve the ideal tension and extend the wheel replacement!


We are the designated mechanic of annual bicycle maintenance for Judge Academy, military and public education units! We provide corporate, campus bicycle repair, bicycle maintenance programs, bicycle rental discounts, welcome to the business!

Bike repairment

Secondhand Sale

家中有不要的二手單車嗎?我們協助評估剩餘價值並維修後售出,您將享有售出價格的10%馬修單車年度消費券!一起回收利用愛地球 🌏

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Common Faq

most question ask

Yes indeed! Check out our Used Bike page for details.

Sorry, we do not.

Happy to hear from you! Please Call Us to check.

Returns must be within 30 days of purchase, with receipt and in original packaging. After 30 days, store credit or exchange only. Used and consignment bike sales have a No refund or exchange policy. New bicycles are returnable for 30 days with original receipt. They must be unridden and in original and sellable condition. A 15% restocking fee of purchase total may be charged on all returns and any cancellations of special orders.


Depends on how many kilos you put on your bike, in what conditions you usually ride, and how well you do your own basic maintenance. For most people, we recommend at least a Complete Tune every season or a Deluxe Tune every season for more avid cyclists. Regular drivetrain cleaning and lubrication goes a long way in extending your service window and component lifespan.


Again, depends on how many kilos you put on your bike, in what conditions you usually ride, and how well you do your own basic maintenance. If you ride in rainy, wet road weather, you could lube your chain every day. If you can see it’s dry, if there’s a bit of corrosion, some stuck links, or you hear an excessive mechanical sound, chances are it could use a lube. Only use lubrication specially formulated for bicycle chains please!

We love giving back to the local charities and non-profit organizations that help improve our community. Send us an email with details. We do get a large volume of requests, but we will email you back if we are able to contribute.

Basic repairs like a flat tire fix can usually be done while you wait. Tune-ups get put in our workorder queue in the order they come in. Most tune-ups take 3-5 days, but can take longer if we need to special order parts. We will give you a time estimate when you bring your bike in.

Drop your bike off for repair at any time during our open hours, but keep in mind we may be busier during lunch or after work hours. We like to be thorough with our bike repair check in process, but can also usually accommodate customers with emergency or extenuating service circumstances. Send us an email if it’s after hours and we will do our best to get back to you ASAP.

We’re happy to help! Send us an email and give us a few days notice and we will get back to you.

Roadside Assistance

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  1. Before filling in the form, you can call or Facebook to inquire about working days and schedules.
  2. Complete filling out the form means that you are willing to comply with MathewBike maintenance related matters.
  3. Waiting for notification after completing the reservation depend on maintenance time will be based on MathewBike schedule.

Those who need maintenance, please inform the bicycle performance and the places where you want to strengthen the maintenance when we collect the bike. Since the bike will stay in our store for 1-2 weeks, we will take pictures before and after maintenance. It can be gained from Matthew.