Where is MathewBike?

No. 577 Wenlin Road, Shilin District, Taipei City

5 minutes walk from Exit 1 of MRT Shilin Station.

Should I wear a helmet?

Generally, ride bicycles don't wear a helmet by law constraint , but ride electric bicycles are required wear it.

For your safety, we recommend that you put on a helmet which free rental every time you rent.

Should I use lights for cycling?

Yes, you should.

Lights must be installed when riding at night, those who do not have lights be fined of 180 NTD.

How many bike sizes do you offer?

We provide from 90 to 200 cm tall can ride bicycles.
It is recommended to book in advance due to the different inventory.

How much the cost of bicycle rentals?

Please refer to: Bicycle models

We start to reduce the rent from the second hour, the longer the rent is, the cheaper it is!

Is there insurance for bicycles?

Sorry, there is currently no complete bicycle product insurance in Taiwan.

If there is any damage to the bicycle during the rental period, we will ask the renter to compensate the new of 50-70% fee.

In addition, please apply for travel safety insurance or personal insurance to your sales.

I will rest outside overnight. How can I place the bike?

Keeping the bicycle indoors is the best way to avoid potential damage or theft.

If you live in a hotel, please contact them first to find out whether you can bring the bicycle to your room or any safe space to park your bicycle.

How is responsible if the bicycle is damaged or stolen?

The renter is all responsible, please refer to the terms and conditions.

We will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure the safety of your bicycle, but you are responsible for returning everything we give you.

Is it possible to rent from A and return to B?

Yes, you can do that.

You need to inform in advance, return my bike to the partner bicycle shop.

The renters need to bear the packaging & shipping fee when returning the bike, the average is between 500-1500 NTD.

Do you provide bicycle transportation to the designated place?

Yes, we can do that. 350 NTD per bike within 10 kilometers, up to 8 bicycles can be transported.

But it must be determined according to MathewBike's arrangement.

What is the latest time to book bikes?

It is recommended to reserve the bikes a month ago.

But there is an urgent fee of 300 NTD for booking three days before departure.

Do I need to pay a deposit to rent a bicycle?

Yes you need.

We will request a deposit of 1,000 NTD that there is a bike to ensure contract comfirmtion.

Also, we provide a half-hour test ride, and you can pay in cash after satisfied, and we can also pay by remittance.

How can I pay the payment?

Cash, credit cards, remittance when you are in Taiwan.
Foreigners pay deposits via Paypal or bank transfer.

The handing fee will pay by youself.

Can I pick up the bike one day in advance?

Yes, you can do that.

We particular rule after 4 pm one day before to take the bikes, we will not charge cost for one day.

If we need to pick up the bike one day in advance, please inform us.

We must confirm the pick up time depend on rental arrangement.

Can I get refunds after paying the deposit when I would cancel that?

MathewBike has the right to decide all the cancellation principles.

The amount needs to bear the loss caused by the MathewBike's arrangement after the contract is established.

We encourage clients to prepare for the next travel time, this deposit will always be reserved for you until the discount of booking again.

Can I get a refund if the bicycles be returned early?

Sorry you cannot.

We will confirm your booking on my rental schedule, due to personal factors that you return the bike early, we cannot refund.

What should I do if the bike needs to be repaired during RENTAL?

First of all, please contact me ASAP, we will search the nearby bike shop for giving you help.

If the cost is more than 1,000 NTD, please go to our partner store for help and take the receipt back, we will share half of the cost with you.

If the cost is below 1,000 NTD, the renter should pay for it.

I have equipment, can I bring it myself or rent it separately?

Yes, you can do that.

In addition to the basic equipment, we also provide card pedals and carrying bags for extra rent.

Please refer to: the equipment rental

Are there any regulations for cycling?

Comply with the same laws as cars.

Do not ride on the sidewalks, riding buildings, and parks.
Do not drive on the wrong side of the road and run red lights, etc.

Can I take the bicycles on the train?

Yes, you can! Two ways to do:

  1. Rent a cycling bag: That needs to take off the front wheel to pack in the bag, this thing do not need buy extra ticket.
  2. Buy a bike ticket: That do not need pack the bike, just check biker train timetable to get on the train with your bike that is allowed. https://tip.railway.gov.tw/tra-tip-web/tip/tip001/tip112/gobytime
  1. The renters should follow the instructions when you start to travel, include the riding main points, the braking main points, the shifting main points, and road conditions.
  2. When you pick up the bike, please check the tire pressure, brakes, shifting and set seat height.
  3. When you're riding mountain climbing, please pay attention to change shifting main points. Riding sliding mountain, pay attention to brake main points.
  4. It's serious unallowed to place children, pets in the bicycle basket or on the rear shelf, and stop renting as soon as we find.
  5. Please use the right-hand brake (rear wheel) while riding, pay attention to braking main points and road conditions.
The renters should confirm ability to use the bikes,
understand and agree to all the contents of the service announcement before renting.
The renters must comply with the obligations and commitments

In the event of the bike accident and broken, or physical injury the renter or the third-party, the renter shall immediately report the owner and call to police (emergency phone:110), we will stop the renting contract.

When the cause of the accident can be attributed to the renters or users who shall shoulder the legal and reparation liability.Considering the contracts between rights and obligations, if there is an accident or broken, happens cause somebody claim (the third-party) reparation liability, it's still appropriate to respect the relevant regulations of the Civil Law.

When the renter or user lost the bikes, shall immediately report the owner and call to police (emergency phone:110), we will stop the renting contract.When the cause of the accident can be attributed to the renters or users who shall shoulder the legal and reparation liability.

The reparation price is the original price of the 20-40% discount, it is informed by the owner.

The renters or users must comply with "Statute Governing Road Traffic" and "Rules on Road Traffic Safety".During the lease period, if there is a case of punishment resulting from a violation of the traffic ordinance for any matter that can be attributed to the renter, the all of the penalty shall be paid by the renter.

The renters or users shall care of manage, NOT allow sales, pledge, and crime, etc.

The bike rental fee is only for rental service doesn't include any personal insurance. If additional insurance necessary, it should be insured by your own.