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Bike Rental

Bike around Taiwan, we provide road bikes, 30 gears touring bikes, 27 touring bikes, city bikes with Bobike baby seat, 6 gears city bikes, folding bikes, younger bikes, children bikes.
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Bike Repair

Any question about bikes, call Mathewbike, repair at once.
Any questions or something secret you wanna tell me
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Bike Travel Planning

Customized bicycle tour, all-round bike travel adviser!
One-day trips and multi-day tours are available.
The suggestion of cycling around Taiwan, The professional biking leader ride together
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Bike Maintenance

Bike maintenance from 1000TWD, the strengthen of maintenance is as long as 2000TWD. Spending over 2500TWD we provide free shipping in Taipei.
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Support Car for Bike Travel

Bike around Taiwan, bike to Wuling supply, a number of cycling activities support. The Vehicle has 9-seat comfortable sofas, the drivers also as technicians, professional photography services, maintenance, and supplies.
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Bike Assembly

Simple bike assembly, bicycle package from 500 TWD.
Spending over 2500TWD we provide free shipping in Taipei.
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What else we provide?

Free left-luggage

Free left-luggage for clients, no troubles in lightly loading to bike around the island!

Free Shower

Provide the shower room for clients, wash away the sweat, and the fatigue is swept away!

English Service

Though can't speak smoothly, body language always OK!

Rent A Bike, Ride to like!

“Each bicycle has a number and maintenance notes to ensure that the rider can successfully complete the round Taiwan feat under safety.” Our clients rode for one month in a row no any broken, the cumulative experience is as high as 80% without breaking the tire! 

Customized professional bike travel services: travel photography, Bike to Wuling supply, one-day bike from Taiwan to Kaosiung, bike equipment rental. 

Book a touring bike reservation we offer a free ride to test for a half-hour, provide free luggage storage, send a map of the cycling around Taiwan route, book a designated accommodation with another discount! 

Services: bicycle rental, support car for supply, bicycle travel planning, bicycle maintenance, bicycle repairment, cycling courses, corporate internet marketing planning. 

Cycling courses: simple maintenance teaching, posture adjustment, and riding skills. 

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  • Wanna be a professional bicycle traveler
  • Want to contribute something to the animals.
  • Want to make a nostalgic bicycle shop.
  • Want to ride a bicycle every day to strengthen my body.
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About us

Mathew graduated from the National Taiwan University of Mechanical Engineering with a master’s degree in mechanical. He runs own bike shop from the balcony. he is currently located in the Shilin District of Taipei City, with nostalgic industrial style in my dream.
[Balance Repairment and Maintenance, high-quality adjustment] Provide professional and top-quality customer service, and hope to create a happy life with everyone.

I want to let everyone know how beautiful bicycles are. We offer “rental bicycles” service, close to the riverside bikeway and Yangming Mountain so that the riders who want to ride different routes (leisure riverside, challenge mountain road) are happy to ride from our shop, bike rental is convenient!

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