Bike Route around Taiwan

Taiwan is famous for its diverse nature and friendly people.

You enjoy every natural landscape while riding the east coast and south coast. You enjoy local culture and delicious foods while riding the west coast. Absolutely you can get any bike information and fantastic experience a Taipei City.

By the way, most bike brands are produced in Taiwan. we have outstanding and best factories for mass produced and designed. We are definitely confidence named “The leader of manufacturing-products Bicycle”

Rent a bike, ride in like.

This is “Cycling Around Taiwan” a whole cycle about 939.5km built by the government. Approximately every 20km has a supply station to take a rest. 

How many days to do it?

Surround Taiwan distance around 1000km.

If you want to plan a relax and comfortable cycling trip, we recommend that take 2 weeks will be fine.

Where can I find a hotel?

Google Search, Airbnb,

What do I need to prepare equipment or something?

Rent a touring bike will provide pannier, shelf, helmet, lights, lock, water bottle holder, bell, soft seat cover, repair kit, spare tubes, mini pump, speedometer, and so on.

Of course, you can bring cycling pedals, cycling pants, please bring light and less stuff.

When is the best for cycling around Taiwan?

Mean annual temperature (1981-2010)

臺北=Taipei, 臺中=Taichung, 高雄=Kaohsiung, 花蓮=Hualien

Mean annual rainfall(1981-2010)

臺北=Taipei, 臺中=Taichung, 高雄=Kaohsiung, 花蓮=Hualien

I think the best season for cycling is January-April and October to December.

For me, I really hate ride outside in scorching summer. In contrast, I really love riding in the bracing winter.

In my vision, the European and American love choosing cycling in the winter (November, December, January, February), exactly during their holiday or vacation as well.

The Hong Kong, Japanese & Korean love cycling during Spring and Summer.

The Singaporean & Malaysian come to Taiwan for cycling in Summer and Autumn (June to October).

Get a touring bike to explore the Beautiful island!

Do you have any questions about cycling around Taiwan?


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